Last-minute Cover

No matter how dependable your nurses and support workers are, we know there will be times when you experience unexpected staffing shortages. We also know that you will want to remedy the problem by bringing in the highest quality replacements, which is why we provide cover service. We link our reputation with your own, so you can be assured that our standards are the same whether we are providing long term placements or short notice emergency cover.
What emergency mental health cover do we provide?
Time Five Recruitment prides itself in being able to provide last minute nursing and support work whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Staffing shortage don’t just happen during normal office hours, so we have a dedicated out of hours service.
Our out of hours team is both supportive and professional, which means you can expect your request to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We understand your need is urgent, so we will work with you to resolve your staffing issue as fast as possible.

Health Care

We don’t just nurse, we nurture with nourishment, passion and compassion.

Qualified Staff

Our staffs are well trained, qualified and experienced in the relevant field.

On-Call Service

you can speak to a member of our team coordinator anytime of the day or night even at weekends.


You will get trained from our top rated experts.


Our service is focused on being different, We are proud to offer a unique and effective way at assisting clients with their needs. We provide specialist 1:1 services as well as Ad-Hoc bookings and as our name would suggest we are available around the clock for our clients!


Our staffs are well trained, qualified and experienced in the relevant field. They ensure they maintain professionalism for our clients at all times. We offer care with specialist knowledge, integrity and respect for the profession of nursing. Our staffs are not only of positive attitude but also they are of the right aptitude too. All of our staffs have the most recent, relevant experience for the field in which they practice. They are monitored and supervised on an on-going basis and required to undergo annual appraisals .Apart from these, we also check changes in circumstances, status and updates


Timefive Company have a team of professional drivers who work with us to ensure our staff reaches you on time no matter what the weather or where you are based. So, you can be confident that the staff we provide will reach at the right time at the right place.


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